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Name: Aretha
Species: Domestic Rabbit

Sex: female
Age: young adult
Breed: English Spot Mix

Color: white, black
Size:small, 5lbs


Adoption fee for a rabbit is $100

All rabbits are spayed/neutered and vaccinated for RHDV2 before adoption

Name: Cloudberry
Species: Guinea Pig

Sex: Female
Age: less than 1 year
Color: reddish brown
and white



If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Aretha was rescued from a terrible hoarding/neglect situation with 60+ other bunnies by It's All About the Paws and transferred out to us.  She is surprisingly very social, confident and easy going for a bun with such a troubled past.  She loves to explore and go through tunnels and boxes, and will usually let us pet her.  The doctor estimates her at about a year old 

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