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The Lost Woods Team!

Cat Collins



Cat has been working with animals for over 13 years at museums, zoos, nature centers, and more! With a B.S. in Biology from DePaul and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from North Park, she plans to use her experience to make a difference for animals.  In addition to being a Lost Woods Director, she also works part-time at a veterinary clinic. Cat loves all creatures, from bunnies to bugs. It's too hard to pick a favorite! 

Mary Pat Hastings



Mary Pat has had a passion to protect and educate about wildlife since she can remember, which is why she has pursued a career in early childhood education and STEM. Along with an Associates in Science, she has years of experience with teaching in nature centers and off site / homeschool classrooms. She believes the way to protect wildlife is through educating everyone about it, and is so excited to have the opportunity to do so with Lost Woods. Mary Pat's favorite animal is a shark!

Alex Farberg



Alex got his master's degree studying inorganic chemistry and works full time in the lab in addition to being a Lost Woods' director. Although animals were not part of his studies, he has always been an animal lover and is particularly fond of dogs and snakes. He lives with his goofy retired racing greyhound Sharon, a champion napper and salmon connoisseur. 

Jessica Wadleigh



Jessica has a background in biology, and has spent years educating the public as well as doing her own research. She is actively involved in several nonprofits that benefit animals and has a special interest in reptiles and invertebrates!

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