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1. Fill out an Adoption Application
                                                               Even if you're not sure yet which animal is best for you, this                                                               opens up the conversation and allows us to help you prepare for your new pet.

Our Adoption Process

2. Decide which animal you want to adopt
                                                     You might meet them at an event or make an appointment to                                                             come to the Sanctuary to meet your potential new forever friend.

3. Set up the enclosure, and send us a picture!
                                                     It is important to have everything ready when you bring the new pet home so they everyone is comfortable and happy.

4. Pay the adoption fee, sign the adoption contract
                                                     This is the official exchange of "ownership" of the pet from us to                                                           you. Adoption fees help offset the cost of the pre-adoption health care that each animal receives.

5. Take home your new best friend!
                                                                  Now that the paperwork is done, you can enjoy your new pet and                                                                    feel good about supporting a nonprofit animal rescue instead of a                                                                    pet store.  Now that you have adopted a pet, it makes room for                                   another animal who needs help. Thank you!

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