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LWAS Donation Wish List

  • Enclosures for small animals

  • Carriers for small animals and cats

  • Newspaper

  • Animal Bedding (paper for mammals, repti-bark or eco-earth for reptiles&bugs)

  • Fleece blankets or plain fleece

  • Vinegar, bleach, pine sol, isopropyl, peroxide

  • Cleaning supplies- paper towels, sponges, scrub brushes

  • Animal care supplies- Animal furniture, huts, hammocks, beds, enrichment items

  • Animal food- fresh produce, guinea pig pellets, aquatic turtle pellets, Bagged mouse&rat food, bagged hamster&gerbil food

  • Aquarium filters and pumps

  • food prep supplies- Cutting boards, knives, vegetable peelers

  • Folding tables

  • Storage devices and tupperware

  • Office supplies- pens, pencils, clipboards, folder, office chair, filing cabinet

to arrange dropoff/pickup of donated supplies! and thank you!

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