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LWAS Donation Wish List

  • Unscented laundry detergent

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Paper bedding for small animals

  •  Paper towels

  • Paper towel tubes

  • Sharpies

  • Scrub brushes

  • Unused spray bottles

  • vinegar, bleach, isopropyl

  • Fleece blankets or plain fleece

  • Timothy Hay

  • Oxbow pellets-Guinea pig, rabbit, rat, hamster&gerbil

  • Produce- romaine lettuce, carrot tops,    beet geens, basil, mint, cilantro 

  • Books about animals for the bookshelf, as well as other animal related puzzles/games 

  • Gift cards-, Pet Supplies Plus, Menards

  • food prep supplies- Cutting boards, knives, vegetable peelers

  • Folding tables and chairs

  • Storage tubs and tupperware

  • Office supplies- pens, pencils, clipboards, filing cabinet, 

  • Chinchilla dust

  • Chinchilla bath hut

  • Platforms and perches for rats, chinchillas

  • hammocks for small animals

  • Chinchilla exercise wheel

  • Ceramic dog bowls for rabbit water

  • Animal Medical Supplies- Cotton swabs, gauze, vetwrap, chlorhexidine, disposable gloves

  • Bandaids for human boo-boos

to arrange dropoff/pickup of donated supplies! and thank you!

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