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Our Story


 Cat and Mary Pat met working at a Nature Center, where Cat was running the animal care program and Mary Pat was teaching educational programs.  Nature center visitors would frequently bring in abandoned pets, or inquire about rehoming their own pets, but not only does a nature center not provide those services, but such services are few and far between for small exotic animals.  There are many shelters and services for dogs and cats, but not so many for guinea pigs, rabbits or turtles. 
   Cat and Mary Pat set off to start an organization to not only offer rescue services for small exotic pets, but also educational outreach about animals.  In this way, Lost Woods would prevent future animal neglect and abandonment by arming potential pet owners with the knowledge and experience they need to have successful relationships with animals.
   Lost Woods moved into their new community of Crystal Lake, Illinois and took in their first rescue pets in Summer 2021 and have since been providing rescue, veterinary care, and adoption services for small mammals, reptiles and invertebrates in the greater Chicagoland area. They have also been starting to do outreach events in the local community, bringing animals, stickers and fun to locations such as Farmer's Market+ At the Dole.
  In Spring 2023 Lost Woods opened their animal building, after refurbishing a former woodshop on the Directors' property into a mini animal shelter for mini animals!  With over 200 animals rescued in just over 2.5 years, and over 150 adoptions so far, we are definitely growing to meet a need in the community!

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