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Class Pet Foster Program

Introducing, the Class Pet Foster Program!
This has been something we have been wanting to do for a while because of a common story we hear; a pet is acquired for a classroom to inspire a love of animals in the students, but whether it be the care requirements, behavior of the pet, schedules, changing staff and students, or other, the pet ended up being homeless.
Lost Woods is an organization that believes in educating and connecting people of all ages to animals, and that adult-guided interaction and care of animals is an incredibly valuable experience for kids. However, it is important that this is also a good experience for the animal, so that they are not suffering in the name of the lesson and that the students are taking the right lessons away from the experience.
With the Class Pet Foster Program, educators can foster a small pet from Lost Woods’ shelter. Right now, the options are a Fancy Mouse or a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach!
Lost Woods provides all the set-up supplies; enclosure, accessories, some bedding and food to start. We also provide all the care information and support. The educator provides daily care, and ideally some supplemental food and bedding as the starter supplies run out. At the end of the term, the pet can be returned to Lost Woods, or if an educator or student’s family wishes to apply for adoption, they can do that! It is a great low-commitment way for educators to experiment with having a pet in the classroom.
                     if you are interested in fostering a small pet at your workplace!
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