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Species: Domestic Rabbit
Name: Marvin

Sex: Male Neutered
Age:  2 year (estimate)
Color: White w/ brown
Size: Small (~3lb)


Adoption fee for a single rabbit is $100

All rabbits are spayed/neutered and vaccinated for RHDV2 before adoption

If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Marvin was left behind when his humans moved house and was discovered by an apartment manager in the abandoned apartment.  He was fostered by the apartment manager while waiting for a spot to open up at a rescue, and was un-neutered at the time so was of course a very rude houseguest.  Now that Marvin is neutered, he is using the litterbox and slowly becoming a calmer, more polite bun.  He generally accepts petting and is a fast, active little guy!

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