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Krispy Treats


Species: Guinea Pig
Name: Krispy Treats

Sex: male
Age: 1 year estimated
Color: white, brown, black


Adoption fee for a single guinea pig is $30

If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Krispy Treats was part of a rescue of 5 guinea pigs who were running stray on the streets of Chicago! He is probably the dad of the 4 other pigs.  They have all been very shy and traumatized since rescue, and Krispy Treats wouldn't come out of his hide for several days. He does not seem to eat his salad but he eats his hay, so as long as he gets hay and vitamin c, he doesn't need salad.  He might come around eventually, for all we know he's never seen lettuce before. Krispy Treats is likely going to need patience to bring him out of his shell.

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