Tom Tom and Djembe


Species: Rat
Name: Tom Tom

Sex: Male
Age:  approx 1 year
Color: brown



Species: Rat 
Name: Djembe

Sex: Male
Age:  approx 1 year
Color: hairless


If you are interested in meeting Tom Tom and Djembe!

Tom Tom and Djembe are a bonded male rats, probably 1-1.5 years old.  They were surrendered because of the owner's life circumstances but they are pretty friendly and well-socialized.  They can be a little nippy at first but warm up to be some pretty nice guys.  Djembe would rather sit in bed and get snacks delivered to him, Tom Tom watches everything we do and wants to crawl on us and explore.
These two are not quite ready to go to a new home yet because their third cagemate, Bongo, is not medically stable but still enjoys having his buddies around.