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Species: Bearded Dragon
Name: Agave

Sex: Female
Age:  Approx 7 years
Color: brown, yellow


If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Agave is a gorgeous 7 year old female dragon who was a relinquished children's pet.  She was quite spicy as a baby and the kids were afraid of her, so the Mom "carried her every day for 30 minutes until she became tame." We give major props to this mom for putting the work in to make Agave handleable, but the children were still not very interested in interacting with her.  She came to Lost Woods to find a forever family who will love and appreciate her forever!  Even at 7 years old she could still live for another 3-6 years.  Agave has a few scars on her back from being burned by her light 3 years ago, but the Vet says they look healed.
Agave will be adoptable when she is done with her deworming medications.

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