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Tinkerbell and Periwinkle


Name: Tinkerbell
Species: Guinea pig

Sex: female
Age: 3 years
Color: Gray, brown


Name: Periwinkle
Species: Guinea pig

Sex: female
Age: 3y
Color: Black, white

Adoption fee for a pair of guinea pigs is $40

Tinkerbell and Periwinkle came to us off the relinquishment waitlist and are former children's pets.  They were clearly well cared for, as Tinkerbell was well-groomed which isn't easy for a peruvian (long-haired) pig.  Peruvian pigs require more brushing, bathing and "butt cuts" or trimming of the long hair near their bum.
  They are extremely adorable and they let us know when they think it is their turn for lunch! gweep gweep!
  They will be ready to go home early october because they still need their vet exams, but we aren't expecting any medical issues.

If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

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