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Frank & Nancy


Name: Frank
Species: Domestic Rabbit

Sex: Male
Age: unknown, young adult
Breed: English Spot

Color: black and white
Size: medium, 6-7 lbs


Name: Nancy
Species: Domestic Rabbit

Sex: Female
Age: unknown, young adult
Breed: Dilute Californian

Color: White with black freckles
Size: medium, 6-7 lbs


Adoption fee for a bonded pair of rabbits is $150

All rabbits are spayed/neutered, vetted, and vaccinated for RHDV2 prior to adoption

Name: Cloudberry
Species: Guinea Pig

Sex: Female
Age: less than 1 year
Color: reddish brown
and white



If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Frank and Nancy are yet another case of rabbits abandoned by their owner and given a second chance by the Dumped Bunny Group.
  They have a remarkable story- When DBG volunteers found Nancy, she led them down the street, seemingly asking the volunteers to follow her.  When they did, she led them right to her bondmate, Frank!
These two are attached at the hip and love getting into everything- especially Frank who likes to climb into any box or bin he finds, even if its just full of bedding.  They are very food-motivated and don't seem to mind being petted.

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