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Peaches and Herb


Name: Peaches
Species: Domestic Rabbit

Sex: female
Age: unknown, young adult
Breed: rex

Color: white, brown
Size: medium, 5lbs


Name: Herb
Species: Domestic Rabbit

Sex: Male
Age: unknown, young adult
Breed: Lop

Color: tan
Size: medium, 6lbs


Adoption fee for a bonded pair of rabbits is $100

All rabbits are spayed/neutered and vaccinated for RHDV2 prior to adoption

Name: Cloudberry
Species: Guinea Pig

Sex: Female
Age: less than 1 year
Color: reddish brown
and white



If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Peaches and Herb were part of a group called the "Shed Bunnies" because they were rescued from a hot shed full of bunnies who were breeding uncontrollably.  These two were fostered for several weeks and kept in adjacent cages so they could be re-bonded easily when they had recovered from their spay-neuter surgeries.  Thanks to the foster's good work, Peaches and Herb bonded wonderfully and are now living together.
The Vet says Herb's teeth are a little crooked, like most lop-eared bunnies he has a "Smushed" face shape, which is cute but sometimes they need extra dental monitoring. He does not require extra vet visits for it right now, but his future adopter might need to take him for dental filings as he gets older. The best way to promote good dental health in rabbits is ensure they get plenty of hay!
  Peaches and herb love to run, play, and explore together.  They did well in their foster home so they would probably do well in your home too!


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