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Name: Louis
Species: Rabbit

Sex: Male
Age: unknown, young adult
Breed: Californian mix

Color: white, brown
Size: medium-large, 7lbs


Adoption fee for a rabbit is $100

All rabbits receive exams, bloodwork, spay/neuter surgeries, and RHDV vaccine prior to adoption.

Name: Cloudberry
Species: Guinea Pig

Sex: Female
Age: less than 1 year
Color: reddish brown
and white



If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Louis (Armstrong) was named after one of our favorite jazz vocalists and was yet another stray rabbit abandoned by his owner.  He was picked up by Joliet Animal Control and transferred out to us.
  He was terrified and covered in urine stains at first, but he is becoming so much more friendly now that he's comfortable, and shedding out the stains so his gorgeous, thick fluffy white coat is starting to really show!  Like most Californians, He has a very calm and gentle temperament and loves lettuce, cilantro and strawberries!
  Louis will be adoptable after his final booster of the RHDV vaccine June 21.

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