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Name: Anna
Species: gerbil

Sex: female
Age: 2y 
Color: Brown and white


Adoption fee for a single gerbil is $20

Name: Cloudberry
Species: Guinea Pig

Sex: Female
Age: less than 1 year
Color: reddish brown
and white



If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

  Anna is a female gerbil, about two years old.  She is a single due to falling out of bond with her sister, and we don't recommend trying to bond gerbils as adults.  Luckily, as long as a gerbil has plenty of space, enrichment, and things to burrow and build, they can do fine without conspecifics. They were relinquished due to owner's medical conditions.
  She is pretty well socialized and although she is a little quick and flighty, she is okay with being handled and will take a treat if it's a good one! Anna is a petite individual and is missing half her tail.

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