Adoption Pending

Name: Venus
Species: Syrian Hamster

Sex: Female
Age: unknown
Color: Fawn

Adoption fee for a Syrian hamster is $20

If you are interested in meeting Venus!

  Venus and her family were found in a box in an alley behind a Chicago animal shelter. The shelter needed a hamster-savvy rescue to help, so they were transferred to us.  We assume Venus is the mother of the other three hamsters: Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.
  Venus is a big, beautiful gal who is surprisingly active for such an orb-shaped hammy.  She is calm and friendly, and will just let us gently scoop her up and handle her.  She will happily take treats from the hand, and shove them in her cheek pouch, and see if you have more!  Venus enjoys a variety of snacks including cereal, raisins, or a little piece of carrot or apple!