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Name: Chex
Species: Guinea Pig

Sex: Male
Age: just under 1 year
Color: cream, white


Adoption fee for a single guinea pig is $30

Chex was relinquished with 2 other pigs but they all had to be separated- it was a bit of a guinea pig soap opera.
  Kix, Chex and Cheerio were relinquished as "3 boys", but Cheerio is a female, so we had to separate her right away.  Once she was gone, Kix and Chex decided they didn't like each other anymore, so the boys are adoptable as singles and Cheerio is on a 72-day pregnancy watch.
  Chex is a little shy to be touched but he is very curious and social if he thinks you have food! He is also very talkative and will chat and gweep with you all day long.  Only adopt chex if you want to hear lots of guinea pig sounds! He is obsessed with his pellet food.


If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

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