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Species: Chinchilla
Name: Ash

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Color: gray


Adoption fee for a single chinchilla is $100

If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Ash was transferred to us by Anti-Cruelty society with another chinchilla, Brock, and to our knowledge they were surrendered due to allergies.  It was reported that they used to be a bonded pair before they stopped getting along.  We tried to re-introduce them after they both had medical exams, but they have zero interest in interacting with each other.  No aggression, just complete disinterest.
  Ash is very sweet but is also very shy, he's one of those cute boys with a troubled past.  He will come take a treat from our hand but would prefer to hide in the corner instead of interacting with us.  Like most chinchillas he prefers not to be picked up but when we have had to handle him, he was very polite.  We are hoping he will come out of his shell as he gets comfortable but he would do well in a home where his owners can give him patience while he acclimates to his forever home. 


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