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Species: Chinchilla
Name: Brock

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years
Color: dark gray


Adoption fee for a single chinchilla is $100

If you are interested in meeting our adoptable pets!

Brock was transferred to us by Anti-Cruelty society with another chinchilla, Ash, and to our knowledge they were surrendered due to allergies.  It was reported that they used to be a bonded pair before they stopped getting along.  We tried to re-introduce them after they both had medical exams, but they have zero interest in interacting with each other.  No aggression, just complete disinterest.
  Brock is extremely active and outgoing and demands to be let out of his cage every day.  He is also pretty good at going back into his cage for a treat.  He loves exploring, climbing, and foraging in a bin of paper with dried flowers in it.   Like most chinchillas he prefers not to be picked up but he tolerates it when necessary and will gladly crawl all over us when we sit down next to him.
Brock would do best in a home where he is allowed frequent out-of-the cage time in a chinchilla-proofed room or area.

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